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19 December, 2016 0

How Dental Intelligence Is Changing Dentistry

In Kelly Bellinger’s world, there’s the “before” and “after” she got Dental Intelligence.

15 December, 2016 0

Follow-Ups: Your Dental Practice's Superpower!

From the Dental Intelligence mailbox:


Hi Chris (one of Dental Intelligence's data analysts),


Since our meeting on Monday, we have increased our..

29 November, 2016 0

Measuring the Numbers that Matter Most


07 November, 2016 0

Why We Do What We Do

Dental Intelligence exists to help dentists and dental practices succeed.

But how do we define success?

Most dentists don’t choose to become dentists..

02 June, 2016 0

"Only Two Degrees" - Successful Goal Setting for Today's Dental Practice

"Only Two Degrees"

In life, a few degrees can mean a lot. If we were talking about two degrees mathematically, this is how it would equate: At 1 foot,..

05 April, 2016 0

Scheduling For Success: Getting Patients Back Into Your Practice

There's no argument that diagnosing, presenting and then treating elective/restorative treatment is one of the most important aspects of a dental..

22 September, 2015 0

3 Metrics That Every Practice Must Measure

While it can be argued that statistics can be used in any way to fit any scenario, when it comes to the financial health and profitability of your..

17 August, 2015 0

Up All Night w/ The Naked Dentist

I have to be honest… I didn’t do my homework. On a previous column I discussed how dentists stay up late worrying about overhead, new patients, and..

17 August, 2015 0

Potemkin Office

Dr Smith is now windsurfing in Aruba, Bonair, Hood River, and other locations. All because he uses the simple tool called Dental Intel. Read his story..

17 August, 2015 0