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Curtis Marshall

AKA The Naked Dentist, Curtis educates dentists on the importance of Business Intelligence on a daily dashboard and how it is a crystal ball for the practice. He loves to smile and is often found laughing with friends.
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Measuring the Numbers that Matter Most


07 November, 2016 1

3 Metrics That Every Practice Must Measure

While it can be argued that statistics can be used in any way to fit any scenario, when it comes to the financial health and profitability of your..

17 August, 2015 0

Up All Night w/ The Naked Dentist

I have to be honest… I didn’t do my homework. On a previous column I discussed how dentists stay up late worrying about overhead, new patients, and..

17 August, 2015 0

Potemkin Office

Dr Smith is now windsurfing in Aruba, Bonair, Hood River, and other locations. All because he uses the simple tool called Dental Intel. Read his story..

17 August, 2015 0

Kick Off Users within Dentrix G5 - Dental Intel Training

How to kick users off your Dentrix. Step 1- Click the window button on the bottom left hand corner. Step 2- Click Computer C. Step 3- Click Program Files...

03 August, 2015 0

Dentist in Ohio Creates a Dislike Button

This post is written by our team member the Naked Dentist. He do not practice dentistry naked. With Dental Intel, a powerful analytic tool, he strips a..
06 July, 2015 0

The 3 Top Dental Practice Metrics

While speaking to dentists all over the world. I commonly get asked, "Why did you start Dental Intel". The first reason is so that dentists can see, in..

16 June, 2015 0

Dr Nebraska

This story did have a happy ending. My friend Dr Nebraska was struggling for years within is practice to make it successful and life the lifestyle he..

15 June, 2015 0

Dr Connecticut Learns 2 Way to Improve an Investment

Dr Connecticut, as discussed in the Naked Dentist article published at, made an investment into a Cad Cam for his office. That..

01 June, 2015 0

Discussion w/ a Dental Data Analyst: Re-appointment

Adam Smith breaks down the importance of Re-Appointing your patients.

08 May, 2015 0