15 December, 2016

How Dental Intelligence Is Changing Dentistry

In Kelly Bellinger’s world, there’s the “before” and “after” she got Dental Intelligence.


Kelly Bellinger.jpgKelly Bellinger - Neighborhood Smiles

“Before I had Dental Intelligence, I was always chasing information,” Kelly said in a recent interview. “I had to wait every month for each office manager to send me their reports. Then I had to wait for all the books to be reconciled.” Kelly is the Operations Manager for Neighborhood Smiles, a practice group in the Midwest, and getting reports done promptly and accurately was an absolute necessity for the practice owner.  But it was also a huge frustration. “I felt like I was always behind, always chasing my tail, always reminding people to send me their monthly reports. I was pulling my hair out.”


After seeing a demonstration of Dental Intelligence, Kelly and Vicki McManus, the owner of Neighborhood Smiles, were both excited but also unsure if what they were seeing seemed too good to be true. “We had tried several other business intelligence solutions before DI, and all of them had fallen short of our needs,” Kelly said. “But as we saw the dashboard with our data uploaded and imagined the impact having 24/7 access to the reports and insights that were available, I told Vicki that we couldn’t afford not to have Dental Intelligence. It was that remarkable.”


In her role as Operations Manager, Kelly wears a lot of hats. Working with doctors and office managers, she is laser-focused on how each practice is performing, with a recognition that improved productivity leads directly to improved patient care. Using Dental Intelligence to access critical practice data directly instead of through monthly reports is also impacting profitability. According to Kelly, “I no longer have to ask our office managers, doctors and staff to gather data for my reports. That’s 20-30 minutes each day in everyone’s schedule that we can now give back to our patients. That’s huge!” For those running one or multiple practices, the importance of being able to get the information you need, when you need it, can’t be overstated.


As Kelly puts it, “If I need a number, it’s now there at my fingertips. Anytime, anywhere. I know I can find what I need to know, the moment I need it – no more waiting. No more asking someone else to send me the reports I need or to explain a number. It’s all there in my dashboard. And I know from experience that the data is reliable. That’s also a huge improvement. I know I can trust the accuracy of the numbers I’m looking at. That’s incredible.”


Another benefit that Kelly and Neighborhood Smiles are seeing through their use of data is a significant improvement in rescheduling cancelled appointments. “Before we began using Dental Intelligence,” she said, “If I asked an office how many patients they were losing each month, they would’ve told me ‘not many.’ Now we can see exactly how many patients are cancelling and not rescheduling, and that is very empowering to each office. They can quickly reconnect with those patients and get them back on the schedule.”


When asked to summarize her feelings about the impact Dental Intelligence is having on Neighborhood Smiles, Kelly didn’t hold back. “If I could I’d shout this from the mountaintops: I can’t imagine running my business without Dental Intelligence.


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