How To Solve Your Staffing Problems

Discover powerful solutions that can help you be effective, even if you are under-staffed.

It's been a brutal year or so for dentistry. If your practice is like most other practices, you've lost employees and you're struggling to find good candidates while also keeping production levels up.

On top of all that, you’re competing with college programs and unprecedented unemployment benefits. But you’re in charge of staffing, and you’re expected to find the answers to all these problems. ...What are you supposed to do?

Dental Intel has you covered. Our tech makes it easy to build a culture of responsibility and reward that will make your practice a beacon to promising talent.

We’ll show you how later.


Right now, let’s focus on what you can do to fix staffing problems on your own. 

The secret is building a culture of reciprocity, and the most effective way to achieve that goal is by using data

What do we mean by a “culture of reciprocity?” 

  • We mean a way of working that gives you the freedom to focus on what matters without micromanaging. 
  • We mean complete transparency into what each staff member is contributing. 
  • We mean insight that makes it easy to articulate what you are contributing to the practice, and just how important you are. 


When you have all of that, and you’ve invested in the right people, they will invest themselves in the success of your practice. 

We’ve covered everything you can do on your own, starting today, in this free ebook. It breaks down data from over 8,000 practices to show you what works when it comes to staffing issues. 

But if you want the easy road to solving your staffing problems, we can do it for you.

Here's how:

  • We make it easy to keep your staff with innovative, easy software designed to build a culture of success in any dental practice. 
  • Our Morning Huddle helps you evaluate customizable goals for teams and individuals.  Use the 'Yesterday' view to see where improvement might be needed or to celebrate a job well done. You can also view 'Tomorrow' to plan for the upcoming day and to discover opportunities to schedule more production.   


  • Even better, use the Dental Intelligence Mobile App to help team members prepare for your morning huddle. Team members can plan for the day ahead, see all team goals, and find unscheduled treatment and family members right from their device.  
  • One-on-one meetings with team members are also so much more powerful with data behind them. Use our Provider Pulse for back-office or follow-up performance for the front office to set goals with team members and keep everyone accountable for their own work.  
  • staffing-1-Morning-Huddle_2x 

We make it easier to work with a smaller staff by doing the jobs of 3 full-time assistants.  

  • With DI Payments, we can automate your collections process so patients can quickly and easily pay current and outstanding balances. You can collect via mass texts and emails, or via one-off messages. Just send those to your outstanding accounts receivable and watch the money come in. You can even customize messages for that personal touch that comes straight from the doctor.  
  • We can automate your outgoing phone calls with Modento's voicemail drop. Just have the doctor record a message following up with patients after a procedure. Press “Send” and it will drop into the patient's voicemail like they missed a call from you. 


  • We can let your patients schedule themselves! Using our Online Scheduling tool, patients can click a link and get put right on your schedule, just like your front desk does it. No more phone tag, no more appointment “requests.” Best of all, you stay completely in control of when and how patients are able to book themselves.
  • We can cut down on calls and give you instant patient communication with two-way texting from Modento. Just send a text and let them respond – it's an easier, more painless way to communicate, and that makes response rates go through the roof. 

We’re here to help, and our tech makes it easy for you to do everything discussed in this ebook. Check it out for yourself at Whether or not you choose to work with us, we hope the advice here helps! It’s worked for over 8,000 practices, and we’re confident it can help yours, too.