You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure


18 January, 2018 0

Your Practice Is Now On Your Smartphone!

Now you can access the power of your Dental Intelligence dashboard - on your phone! All the key performance indicators you rely on to manage and..

10 July, 2017 1

Scheduling For Success: Getting Patients Back Into Your Practice

There's no argument that diagnosing, presenting and then treating elective/restorative treatment is one of the most important aspects of a dental..

22 September, 2015 0

Big Data Improves Dentistry

Often times in talking with dentists, the terms Big Data, Dashboards, Analytics, KPIs and everything around what we do can be a little confusing and..

02 February, 2015 0

13 Things Successful Dentist do the last 10 minutes of a workday.

1. Update your To-Do List (Tasks)

20 January, 2015 0