The Morning Huddle - Making Your Team A Team!

Posted by Scott Livingston on Mar 1, 2019 3:08:00 PM
Scott Livingston

We’ve heard lots of great stories about how dental practices are using the Daily and Weekly Review to measure performance – thank you for sharing! You’ve also told us how these tools can be improved…we’ve listened, and we’re so excited to show you what we’ve done. Now if we could only figure out how to add the scent of bacon to your dashboard ;-)


So…why a huddle? Pretty simple, actually. Before a team can perform, they must first gather and decide which plays to execute to win the game. Your morning huddle is no different. Meeting together each day as a team is a must. But what should you do in your huddle? We started asking some of the top performing practices out there what they do in their morning huddle and built this new feature around their input..


If you’re new to doing a huddle, go you! Simplicity is the key. Don’t overwhelm yourself or your team. We’ll show you some fun, easy ways to huddle like [insert favorite sports team here]. The secret is to huddle DAILY.


Here’s a simple template to follow – adapt as needed to whatever gets you into the end zone (okay, okay…we promise, no more sports metaphors!)




The most successful practices build their huddles around team member responsibilities. Here’s what that looks like:


Start by spending 3-5 minutes celebrating the previous day’s successes for each dentist, hygienist, the front desk, and the entire practice. What went well yesterday? Who reached or exceeded a goal? What great customer service stories can you share? Have fun. Celebrate. Include donuts.


Here’s part of what you’ll see every day in your Morning Huddle report – no shortage of possible “high fives” here…


“When performance is measured, performance improves.

When performance is measured and reported back the rate of improvement accelerates.”

-Thomas S. Monson



After reviewing yesterday we need to quickly move onto TODAY!  To help you focus on each area of the practice, we’ve designed the Huddle report around roles. Here’s what the “Dentist” screen looks like:


This shows you where you are in relationship to where you want to get to. Once you know where you are, you’re empowered to begin moving in the direction you want to go.


Do you know where you are? Maybe we should’ve called this the Morning Compass…


“Those that know where they are in relationship to where they want to be (i.e. their goals) have a much better chance in getting there than those who don’t know.”

-Weston Lunsford, CEO – Dental Intelligence


Now for our favorite part. The Morning Huddle helps answer the following questions about each of today’s patients – the “must knows” about everyone walking through the door that day.


For example,

  • Who’s on my schedule today?
  • Why are they coming in?
  • Do my patients have any unscheduled treatment?
  • Do they have family members with unscheduled treatment?
  • Do they have an account balance?
  • Are they scheduled for future hygiene cleanings?

Here’s how that looks on-screen:


Did we mention this was our favorite part? You can also click on each patient’s name to see their complete Patient Profile. So sweet!


By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.

- Christopher Columbus


To our wonderful hygienists, don’t think for a second that we’ve forgotten about you. You’ll love how the new Morning Huddle helps you see where you are on your goals. Here’s your team screen:




One thing a hygienist will want to pay attention to is unscheduled treatment. You have such a huge impact on the success of the entire practice.


What can you do to help get patients on the doctor’s schedule? The Morning Huddle report will help you to make that happen.


We’ve built this report to help you see every patient coming in that day. Like most things, if you can plan for something, you’re much more likely to make the most of the opportunity.


But we also wanted to make things easier for you. Here’s an example of today’s snapshot for each hygienist.



The Morning Huddle is all about you. We want you to greet each day with a smile on YOUR face…before you help put smiles on the faces of each of your patients.


We designed the Huddle to be encouraging…or even inspiring.


Inspire ☞ Excite ☞ Motivate!


We’ve even included a daily inspirational thought…no extra charge ;-)





Start by starting. Don’t wait for the perfect moment (FYI…those don’t exist.) Use the Morning Huddle to celebrate. To plan. To improve. To take even better care of your patients. Will this be easy? No! Is change ever easy? Of course not. But it’s SO worth it.


So how do you get to your Morning Huddle? We thought you'd never ask. There are several ways to do so.

  • When you log in to your portal for the first time each day, you'll see a banner at the top of the screen that takes you to the huddle. It looks like this. Just click to launch!



  •  You can also access the Morning Huddle by typing the word "huddle" to the end of your portal log-in address, i.e.
  • A third way to access the portal is through clicking on the "hamburger" menu in the upper-right corner of your portal and then selecting "Morning Huddle."

Need help to get started? Call or click. Let us help. We’re happy to serve. Let’s do incredible.



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