Follow-Ups: Your Dental Practice's Superpower!

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Scott Livingston


August 18, 2020

From the Dental Intelligence mailbox:


Since our meeting on Monday, we have increased our appointments from 236 to 268 (+32) and increased production scheduled from $55k to $64k. We are on track to surpass 290 patients for the month by the end of next week. I feel like your 2-2-2 system will allow us to be more consistent and it will hold us all accountable.

Thank you!

Dr. B


Those are some pretty remarkable increases! He was able to schedule more than 30 patients and nearly $10k in new production in a week. 

So the obvious question is this: what is the 2-2-2 system he referenced, and how can your dental practice implement it to see similar results? 

What is the 2-2-2 Method and Why Does It Matter?

One of the most common frustrations we hear dentists share is the pain of losing patients. So much time, effort and expense go into first acquiring and then caring for each patient you treat. When appointments are cancelled or treatment is presented but not accepted, there is a real associated cost to both the patient and provider. There must be a better way. But how? Before we prescribe, let's first diagnose, by sharing more of this doctor's story.

Dr. B had noticed a troubling pattern in his practice. Every year, in the 4th quarter of each year, his profitability would take a sizable hit. As he looked at the data found in his dashboard, he discovered that his profitability "sweet spot" was reached when completing at least 290 monthly appointments. For some reason, that number always decreased by 20-30% during the 4th quarter. Armed with this critical insight, Dr. B, his office team and Chris, their Dental Intelligence data analyst, went to work to stop these patients from falling through the cracks.

2x2x2 = $10,000!

Chris taught Dr. B and team the power of the 2x2x2 system, which they began implementing in their practice. Here's what that system looks like:

2 DAYS after an appointment is canceled, call or text the patient to reschedule. If this doesn't result in a scheduled appointment within 2 WEEKS, contact the patient again to attempt to reschedule. If they still haven't rescheduled after 2 MONTHS, try a third time to get them on the schedule. This is the 2x2x2 system. So simple!

But how do you manage these activities when you have hundreds of unscheduled patients? Doesn't this require lots of time & resources?

The Power of Patient Follow-Ups

One of the most powerful features in Dental Intelligence's dashboard is our exclusive, easy-to-use Patient Follow Up tool. As part of our Patient Profile, the Follow Up tool makes it easy for an office manager or other staff members to schedule follow-up activities with each patient. As team members log into their dashboard each day, their assigned follow-ups will automatically appear on the scheduled day, prompting the team member to reengage with each unscheduled patient. Simple? Yes. Powerful? Absolutely. Here's what happened in this doctor's practice as they began using 2x2x2 system and the Patient Follow Up tool.


Dr. brown FV.png

 Dr. Brown's Scheduled Future Visits - 2015 vs 2016

Check out October! Not only are they blowing away last year's production numbers, but here you can see they've broken through the trend line into record territory, using the Patient Follow Up tool to get their patients back into the office for needed treatment. No more patients falling through the cracks!

In addition to implementing the 2x2x2 system, Dr. B and team created an easy-to-follow plan built around their Patient Follow Up tool. Here's what that looked like:

  1. Start reaching out to patients that have unscheduled treatment and that haven't been seen within the last 6 months 
  2. Send an End-Of-Year email to unscheduled patients (i.e. remaining insurance benefits, "use them or lose them", etc)
  3. Follow up on scripting and enter team members present during treatment plans in the dashboard

At the beginning of each production day, the entire team would review where they were in relationship to their goal and would then make a plan for that day. The next morning, using their dashboard, they would then review the previous day's performance, celebrating successes and if needed, make plans to improve. 

Before using Patient Follow-Ups and the 2x2x2 system, this office had just been sending out reminder post cards to patients. Not surprisingly, this new, data-driven approach was much more effective. Check out the impact.


Patient follow-ups value.png

 Today's Follow Ups showing future scheduled appointments and their estimated $ value


As you can see here, this team is now keeping track of their patients and using their plan to get them back in the office for treatment. You can see the number of attempts and the scheduled dates for the next follow-up, using the Dental Intel Follow-Up tool. 


Are You Ready To Act?

In the age of Big Data, dental practice owners and teams now have access to powerful insights never before available. Most practices use some form of Practice Management software such as Open Dental, Dentrix or EagleSoft to run their practice. Combined with a Practice Intelligence tool like Dental Intelligence, the opportunities for improving patient care and profitability are also unprecedented. But, as is always true, you must choose to act. 

We've made it easy. With no cost or obligation, you can request a free practice snapshot and see how Dr. B - and thousands of other dentists - are using data to improve patient care, office production, and team culture. Are you ready?




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