Introducing a Brighter Morning Huddle

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Cole Parker


August 18, 2020

A little over a year ago, we set out on a mission to develop what we envisioned to be the perfect morning huddle. One that would be so smart it could literally fill open times in your schedule with the best patients. One that would think and act like that extra team member you’ve always wanted to hire. One that would find and uncover every single hidden opportunity before you step foot in the office. Our goal was to create a huddle so incredible it would be the gold standard in the dental industry for years to come. 6,720 working hours later, we’re excited to announce that we’ve accomplished exactly that. 

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Perfectly Tailored to You

Your dental practice is not generic, so we decided to ditch the one-size-fits-all features. Yesterday’s view is now jammed-packed with tools that will help you celebrate your team's success and achieve visible long-term growth.

Yesterday’s view now includes:

  • A Production Summary
  • A Month to Date Production Forecast
  • Fully Customizable Metrics

1. Production Summary

No more having to dig for information, in two sentences or less your huddle will tell you exactly how your team performed last week and yesterday. In seconds you can know your production, the total number of patients that were seen and how many of them were new patients, and what patients were not re-appointed so you can follow up with them immediately.

2. Month to Date Production Forecast 

Having a roadmap to long-term success is now possible with the MTD Production Forecast. This feature shows you a high level monthly summary of how much production you’ve completed, how much production you’ve scheduled, and how much you need to add in order to reach your monthly goal.

3. Customizable Metrics

With one click, you're able to create custom metrics that are tailored to the needs of your staff and the goals of your dental practice. Now you’re free to focus on the numbers that will make the biggest impact without having to filter through the noise. 

Turn Opportunities Into Action 

Before you step foot in the office, your Morning Huddle has already been hard at work preparing your schedules, gathering patient opportunities and even finding the best patients to fill open times. You can rest assured knowing every day will be setup for success.

Today’s view now includes:

  • Actionable Patient Opportunities
  • Schedules by Operatory
  • Suggested Patient Lists

4. Actionable Patient Opportunities 

Instead of having to guess what each patient needs, your Morning Huddle will do the work for you. Everyday you can take action by accessing a full list of patients that have unscheduled family members, unscheduled treatment, overdue balances and also see the ones that need to be added to your hygiene program.

5. Schedules by Operatory

You asked for it and we delivered. You can now choose to view your schedules by operatory. Not only can you see your schedule in a look that you’re used to, but we’ve also given you the ability to rearrange or hide any operatories of your choosing. Don’t worry, if you prefer to view your schedule by provider, you still have that option. 

6. Suggested Patients List

Lastly, we know how hard it is to fill those dreaded last minute open times in your schedule, so we decided to make it easier on you. You can now click on any ‘Open’ time in your schedule and quickly access a curated list of patients your Morning Huddle predicts will be the most likely to accept an appointment that day. 

Morning huddles don’t have to feel like a chore. Done right, these 15 minutes won’t just change your day, it will change your practice.

And if you're ready to super-charge YOUR morning huddle, we're here to help. Just visit us here to schedule your 100% free, 100% awesome demo to see what all the excitement is about. Just you wait!

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