Josey Sewell Joins Dental Intelligence

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Scott Livingston


August 18, 2020


We’re thrilled to announce that Josey Sewell will be joining Dental Intelligence in October 2019 as Vice President of Education. Josey brings significant experience and innovative thinking to this new position, where she will help oversee dental practice team training. This will include a specific focus on helping office managers make the most of the many relevant solutions available to them in the Dental Intelligence platform.

Josey comes to us from CarolinasDentist in North Carolina, where she has served most recently as Integrator and Chief Operating Officer.

Dental Intelligence CEO Weston Lunsford had this to say about Josey joining our team:

"We are absolutely thrilled to have Josey joining us. She has been an individual that I've had on my radar for several years now. I first saw Josey in action when she led a leadership team meeting at CarolinasDentist, a six-location Group Practice. I was so impressed with her organization, confidence and overall value she brought to that group. Dental Intelligence has been focusing on creating a curriculum and certification for Office Managers to help empower them in running their practices with more efficiency and higher performance. As Vice President of Education, Josey will be taking the lead in developing our di. Office Manager University and helping more than 500 office managers graduate from di.U each year."


Josey added, "Three years ago I moved my family from Washington State to North Carolina to be a part of CarolinasDentist. I was so moved by their passion and vision to change the way group dentistry is practiced I was willing to do anything I could to be part of it. I’ve had the honor of sitting in nearly every seat on the executive team and had a front-row seat in preparing and leading the company through a merger with Light Wave Dental of Virginia. I’m so proud of CD and I’m proud of what I did there. I learned a lot about the business of dentistry, operations, and building healthy teams; I also learned that I have a unique skill set and passion for creating curriculum and training that results in behavior change and happier, healthier teams."


"I am at my best when I have a blank whiteboard and freedom to craft a learning experience that is catered to the needs of a specific group. I am energized by the opportunity to be in a room with likeminded professionals and facilitate a learning experience that helps them become the best versions of themselves. When Weston approached me with the opportunity to combine my unique skill set to help build a program from the ground up and support a company and a product I love, in my preferred geographic location. I couldn’t pass it up."

"During my time in CD I utilized Dental Intelligence daily as it helped me keep a pulse on the business and identify areas of opportunity to keep us on track with our aggressive growth goals. My reliance on DI allowed me to develop some strong relationships with team members inside the company. I was always so impressed by their passion and energy for what they do. Moving to Utah is a huge blessing for my family as we have many friends and family who live here and my son with autism will have access to better resources. I am so excited to get started and so grateful to be part of the DI team. #goingfullnerd."

All of us at Dental Intelligence welcome Josey and her family to Utah. We're so excited to work with and learn from her. We can't wait to get started!

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