Never Lose A Patient Again!

Posted By

Scott Livingston


August 18, 2020

Every dental practice spends significant time and effort in managing patients––and sometimes that process can be frustrating. Cancelled appointments, no-shows, and patients with unscheduled treatment are huge pain points. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could see every patient you need to contact––all in one place, with a fast, effective way to manage follow-ups with each one?  

Dental Intelligence created our exclusive Follow-Up tool to help you stop your patients from falling through the cracks. Let's roll the tape!

Check out what happened at a practice that started using Dental Intelligence's Follow-Up tool every day:

Dr. brown FV.png

In ONE week, they added over $10,000 in new production to the schedule.


Are you ready to stop the bleeding? Ready to recapture all those patients that keep falling through the cracks? Of course you are!



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