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Tyler Johnson


August 18, 2020

Using di.'s Patient Finder to Find the Right Patients, Right Now

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In the “Obviously!” department, a reminder that it’s now October, which means November is next, and December after that. We know, we know, you were already aware of these obvious facts.

For dental practices, however, this means there are less than three months left in the year for your patients to use their insurance benefits before those reset on January 1st, 2020. Obvious and important to you? Yes! Obvious and important to your patients? Not so much.

Time to employ the power of the Dental Intelligence Patient Finder!

What’s the Patient Finder, you ask? Take it away, Tyler!

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The Patient Finder is totally amazing! Heck, we created the thing and we’re still amazed by what it can do.

The Dental Intelligence Patient Finder allows you to quickly find the exact type of patients you want to find – no searching through the calendar or old treatment planners to see if you can come up with a list of patients to call.

For several years now, Dental Intelligence has regularly received calls from customers asking us for help with some variation of the following:

  • “We’re trying to find all of our patients that are covered by XYZ Insurance. Can you help us?”
  • “Is there any way to ONLY see the patients we’ve presented crowns to in the last three months?”
  • “We want to print out a report showing us every patient we’ve presented over $500 in treatment to in the last six months who still have insurance dollars available. Is that possible?”

These practices are trying to find the right kind of patients. Is there such a thing? Are some patients “better” than other patients? (Hint: Yes!) And if so, how do we find them? Is it possible to enter a few keywords into your practice management software (i.e. Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Dentrix, etc.) and instantly find exactly what kind of patient(s) you are looking for? (Sadly, no.)

This type of advanced filtering requires powerful software, and a solution dedicated to helping you improve patient care, team collaboration, and practice profitability. It requires a growth mindset shared by a practice team trying to grow. The Patient Finder from Dental Intelligence is the solution built for this very type of problem. Thousands of practices are now using the Patient Finder to find the patients and treatment cases that are most significant for their patients and practice.

But enough telling you about the Patient Finder. Open it up and turn it loose! Here’s👇🏻how to do that, in case you prefer a written step-by-step guide instead of Tyler’s Academy Award-winning video 😉

  • Determine a procedure or procedures you most like to do.
  • List search criteria that will help you refine your list, such as a specific time-frame, a high and low amount (i.e. more than $500, less than $1,000), ADA code or codes, insurance providers, etc. Remember, this is your Include or exclude whatever you want. Be prepared to have some fun as you watch your lists come to life.
  • Enter these criteria into your Patient Finder and watch the magic happen. Try different options. Create lists that reflect the type of dentistry you like to do, or that will help you reach your production goals, or both!
  • Once you have a manageable list, assign a team member to members to make those calls and schedule some of that unscheduled production back onto the schedule.
  • Review, revise, repeat…

And last but not least, a giveaway! 🎉😄


We want to get you excited about using the Patient Finder and sharing your successes….so, after you’ve built some awesome call lists, take a minute and hop onto Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share how you used the Patient Finder to find the right patients. Be sure and include the hashtag #PatientFinder

We’ll send a sweet gift card to the winner at the end of this month. Good luck!



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