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Scott Livingston


August 18, 2020

Dental Intelligence exists to help dentists and dental practices succeed.

Most dentists don’t choose to become dentists because they want to run a business. As we talk with doctors, hygienists and other dental care practitioners around the country, their reasons for choosing dentistry center around caring for people. The business part is certainly important – you can’t be much of a dentist if you don’t have a place to care for patients – but it’s rarely the driving motive behind their choice of careers. Helping patients to be healthy and free of pain is the highest priority for dental professionals.

This is also why Dental Intelligence does what we do.

Although we want all of our dentist’s practices to succeed, we understand that the most important reason for the work we do relates to helping dentists to provide better care for their patients. At Dental Intelligence, we talk a lot about the “Three P’s”: Patients, Providers, and Practices. As dentists and their teams learn how to use data to discover missed opportunities for patient treatment, each of these areas improve. Providers are more satisfied, both personally and professionally. Their practice or business, which is built around their team, thrives financially and culturally. And most importantly, patients receive better care as dentists and hygienists offer and then provide needed treatment more effectively.

We recently had a great experience in helping one of our clients discover exciting new growth opportunities within his practice. Dr. Joe Jeppson of Provo, Utah is an established, caring dentist with a compassionate, high-performing team. Dr. Jeppson has been practicing since 2000, so he’s certainly not new to either the art or the business of dentistry.




However, even though his practice had certainly done well over a sustained period, Jeppson Dental had hit a plateau. As a solo practitioner, Dr. Jeppson was at or near capacity in terms of the number of new and established patients he could care for without adding an associate, new staff or additional production hours. In talking with Dr. Joe, however, he made it clear he didn’t want a lot of new patients or practice additional hours in order to grow. Was there another way?

As we analyzed Dr. Jeppson’s practice data using our dashboard, we saw lots of untapped opportunity for him to grow without needing to add new patients or production hours. According to Dental Intelligence’s CEO, Weston Lunsford, “Dr. Jeppson had a huge upside for growth, but it was hiding inside of his practice management software where he couldn’t see it. So we showed him how to find and use that data to transform his practice without the need for many new patients or additional production hours.”

“Dr. Jeppson had a huge upside for growth, but it was hiding inside of his practice management software where he couldn’t see it."


For example, in reviewing his hygiene team’s average dollar amount for accepted treatment, we discovered that the hourly revenue was around $80 per hygienist. But after helping Dr. Jeppson’s team establish goals with a focus on offering needed treatment to hygiene patients, that average amount jumped to over $150 per hour – an increase of $70 per patient. When averaged over a quarter, that equaled over $35,000 in additional revenue for the practice.

Dr. Joe Jeppson.png

 Dr. Joe Jeppson - Provo, Utah

Only Dental Intelligence has the ability to help a practice see these kind of hidden opportunities. We trained Dr. Jeppson and his team on how to use our exclusive Provider Pulse, a tool that shows how every production team member is performing daily. Here’s what Dr. Jeppson had to say about the impact of this on his practice. “After looking at how we did in hygiene this week, we’ve begun using our Daily Review in our morning huddle to see where we need to focus as a team in order to recapture the momentum we had.  It's great to have Dental Intelligence to be able to do that.” After using his data in this way, Dr. Jeppson reported that as his team reviewed the Pulse each day, the hygienic team was highly motivated to improve their performance. He even shared that one of his team members had almost out-produced him after doing so.

We remind our practice partners every day that when performance is measured, performance improves, and that when performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates. And in the words of Weston, “Those who evaluate where they currently are in a relationship compared to where they want to be, and then set a goal to get there, have a much better chance in reaching that place than those who don’t.”




Providing the best possible care is why you do what you do. Helping you to do this is why we do what we do. Dental Intelligence transforms your practice data into measurable, actionable numbers that help you know where you are and then empower you to get where you want to be. We’re successful when, and only when, we help you to succeed. Let’s make incredible happen.

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